Sodium Bicarbonate

ARM & HAMMER Sodium Bicarbonate

Arm and Hammer is a leading sodium bicarbonate supplier, providing materials across the entire world. Sodium bicarbonate's most widespread use is as a chemical leavening agent for baked goods. Commonly known as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate releases carbon dioxide (CO2) gas when reacted with an acid or subjected to heat. The CO2 bubbles cause batter and dough to rise, resulting in lighter biscuits, cakes, pancakes, cookies, and other baked goods. Sodium bicarbonate is therefore a key ingredient in baking powders, self-rising flours and packaged baking mixes; and is also used to develop light textures in candies such as brittles and crisps.

The right granulation makes all the difference.
Since bicarbonate granulation influences the rate of the chemical leavening reaction, we recommend that customers try different grades when developing new products – this can help optimize results. Our four standard grades of sodium bicarbonate for baking are:

Grade 1 (Powdered)
Ideal for scratch bake biscuits, cookies, instant or quick breads and most cakes, this grade  dissolves rapidly to assure quick, complete availability for reaction with acid ingredients.

Grade 1 - TFF (Treated Free-Flowing)
Treated with tri-calcium phosphate to improve flow quality and promote consistent mixing, this grade is especially useful in self-rising flours and packaged mixes.

Grade 2 (Fine Granular)
The narrow Grade 2 particle size distribution facilitates rapid, uniform blending in dry mixes and baking powders. The larger Grade 2 particle size is recommended for products in which minimal leavening is needed during mixing and holding (longer bench tolerance).

Grade 2 is also useful in refrigerated or frozen doughs and batters, where minimal leavening activity is needed during preparation and storage stages, and full leavening power is reserved until the final baking step. This grade is also recommended for baking powders in which pre-reaction during storage would be problematic.

Grade 4 (Granular)
With the narrowest particle size distribution of all our grades, Grade 4 may be used in the above applications, but is ideal for use when there are formulation compatibility issues or challenging environmental conditions.