Bag of Sodium Bicarbonate USP No. 5 Coarse Granulated

USP Grade 5

Sodium Bicarbonate product featuring a 175 micron avg. particle size.

Arm & Hammer™ Sodium Bicarbonate USP No. 5 is a sodium bicarbonate product that features a particle size averaging 175 microns, making it ideal for tablet production. Its particle size, combined with its excellent flow properties, allows for effective compression when used alongside other ingredients in tablet manufacturing processes.

Aside from its application in tablet production, No. 5 is commonly utilized in bath products. The alkalinity of this product contributes to the overall pH balance of the water, ensuring a smooth and pleasant feel for bathers.

Furthermore, No. 5 finds utility as a mild abrasive in cleaning products. Its water solubility guarantees complete rinsing and thorough cleaning – a natural choice in various cleaning applications.

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