The Baking Soda of Choice Among Professional Bakers

Leavening is a critical component of the baking process, contributing to the lightness and success of most baked goods. ARM & HAMMER™ brand bicarbonates were created to leaven cakes, cookies, crackers, muffins, biscuits, cereals, tortillas, pizza dough, pretzels, and confections.

In order to promote leavening, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate or ammonium bicarbonate formulations are incorporated to promote the release of CO2 bubbles, which cause batters and doughs to rise and expand. Deployed correctly, the right ARM & HAMMER™ leavening agents make critical differences in expansion, volume, cell structure, resiliency, texture, and overall appeal.

ARM & HAMMER™ brand bicarbonate formulations are available in multiple formulations and grades for a wide variety of uses. Our bicarbonate grades 1, 1TFF, 2, 3, 3DF, 4, 5, Tortilla Blend, Flow K™ potassium bicarbonate and ammonium bicarbonates offer targeted leavening qualities that are well-suited to meet most baking requirements.