KUDOS KODA 50 Potassium Bicarbonate

KODA™ 50

Potassium Bicarbonate to Maximize Sodium Reduction

KODA™ is the go-to choice for bakers worldwide who are seeking to reduce the sodium content of their chemically leavened products without compromising on taste, texture, and appearance. By replacing sodium bicarbonate with KODA™, bakers can achieve their desired sodium reduction goals while maintaining the quality of their end products. The particle size of both KODA™ 50 and KODA™ 100 ensures complete dissolution in dough or batter, optimizing gas release for achieving the desired volume and texture. Furthermore, KODA™ helps eliminate the metallic taste commonly associated with potassium-based ingredients.

KODA™ 50 is ideal for dough products, such as biscuits, delivering the following benefits:

  • Ensures full solubility in dough to prevent any bicarbonate ‘spotting.’
  • Enhances the overall quality and consistency of your baked goods.

Contact us for a comprehensive review of your projects and to request a sample of KODA™ 50 Potassium Bicarbonate. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting your sodium reduction goals and assisting in the development of healthier, high-quality baked goods and effervescent products.