Potassium Bicarbonate

ARM & HAMMER™ Flow K™ Potassium Bicarbonate

Flow K™ is a food grade Potassium Bicarbonate formulated with a flow aid to assure excellent storage and handling properties. It can be used in the same way that sodium bicarbonate is used to provide leavening in baked goods and the fizz in effervescent products.

Sodium Reduction – Flow K™ can help you reach your sodium reduction targets. Replace some or all of the sodium bicarbonate with Flow K™ in any formulation. Unlike other potassium salts, Flow K™ won’t add undesirable taste notes to your product.

Potassium Nutrition – Using Flow K™ in your formula has the unique advantage of increasing potassium content in product nutrient labeling, a definite plus because of the positive effects on health associated with this mineral.

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