Skin Care

Select Bicarbonates for Skin Care & Effervescent Bath Products

Sodium bicarbonate can be used in many skin care products, and ARM & HAMMER™ brand formulations offer excellent exfoliant, dermabrasion, and effervescent properties. Commonly used in bath salts, sodium bicarbonate acts to release CO2, dissolve and disperse ingredients to impart a smooth feeling to the skin, and to absorb odors. The coarse granular grade is easily compressed into tablet form.

Common Uses

Body Powder – Imparts a soft clean feel to the skin while absorbing odors.

Effervescent Bath Salts and Tablets – Releases CO2 to dissolve and disperse the ingredients, and imparts a smooth feel to the skin as it absorbs odors. The coarse granular grade is easily compressible into a tablet.

Bee Sting Kit – When applied topically, sodium bicarbonate can provide relief by acting as a skin protectant.