Other Uses

Non-Corrosive Anti-slip Floor Treatment

Slip-and-fall workplace injuries are a leading cause of worker compensation claims in the U.S. In response, we developed ARMAGRIP™, a floor treatment product designed to reduce floor slipperiness in food preparation spaces. ARMAGRIP™ delivers great slip resistance and performance, and covers better and lasts longer than salt. Visit the ARMAGRIP™ product page to learn more.


In the paper industry, alkaline-sized paper is generally considered stronger, brighter and more resistant to aging than untreated papers. ARM & HAMMER™ brand industrial grade products provide outstanding results during the sizing process, as sodium bicarbonate is typically used to raise alkalinity.

More specifically, the (AKD) process works best at 150 ppm of bicarbonate alkalinity, with precipitated CaCO3 contributing about 60 ppm of bicarbonate alkalinity. Supplemental sodium bicarbonate is therefore required in plants with process water of 90 ppm alkalinity or less. Sodium bicarbonate is also used in neutral starch sizing by adjusting the pH to 7-8 at the final starch sizing press.

Alkaline Leaching

In some instances, In-Situ Recover Mining is the desired method of mining uranium. Sodium Bicarbonate can be utilized to aid in the extraction of the Uranium ore. The specific application will determine if a carbonate solution is desirable.