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Church & Dwight: 178 Years of Performance Products

Church & Dwight is one of America’s oldest, best recognized companies and our journey over the previous 178 years has been a long and successful one. We believe our commitment to quality, purity, integrity and performance will continue to distinguish our culture and products well into the future!

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Church & Dwight was founded by Dr. Austin Church, and his brother-in-law, John Dwight. Together, they went into the production and marketing of Baking Soda, a trade name for bicarbonate of soda.


James A. Church joined his father as a member of Church & Co. and adapted the famous ARM & HAMMER™ trademark – the arm of Vulcan, Roman mythological god of fire, with hammer in hand. Since then, this trademark has become one of the world’s most recognized logos – a symbol of the company’s tradition of integrity and quality.


The descendants of the founders consolidated their interests under the name of Church & Dwight Co., Inc.


ARM & HAMMER™ continued delivery of its popular mail order guides which contained recipes and helpful household tips. Some contained family recipes from the wives of founders, Dr. Austin Church & John Dwight.


During the company’s first 80 years, sodium bicarbonate was used and marketed almost exclusively as a household product with numerous uses.


This 1967 ARM & HAMMER™ advertisement displayed numerous uses for its baking soda, from sunburn treatment and odor control to oral care and automotive cleaning.


Church & Dwight built its sodium bicarbonate plant in Green River, Wyoming, to take advantage of the natural soda ash reserves in the area.


In April, 1970, Church & Dwight was honored to be the sole corporate sponsor for the first Earth Day.


The six-story manufacturing plant in Old Fort, OH is built to help meet future growth by using new processing technology built by the Church & Dwight engineers.


Church & Dwight began developing Dry Sorbent Injection solutions to reduce air pollution from stack gases.


For its 100th anniversary on July 4th, the Statue of Liberty's inner copper walls are cleaned with sodium bicarbonate, which removes 99 years of coal tar without damage to the copper.


Armand Products was formed in 1986 through a Joint Venture agreement between Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and Occidental Chemical Corporation, two of the chemical industry’s largest brands.


ArmaKleen is a Joint Venture between Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and Safety-Kleen, two of the leading commercial and industrial parts cleaning companies.


The company continued to research and develop new bicarbonate product uses and formulations, to serve exciting new applications.


Church & Dwight’s journey has been a long and successful one. For the past 178 years, our commitment to quality, purity, integrity and performance has distinguished our culture and products and will continue well into the future!