Bag of Armagrip Anti-Slip Treatment


Non-corrosive anti-slip spot treatment for floors.

Arm & Hammer™ ARMAGRIP™ non-corrosive anti-slip floor treatment product. Slip-and-fall workplace injuries pose a significant risk, leading to numerous Workman’s Compensation claims in the U.S. To address this issue, we have developed ARMAGRIP™, a highly effective floor treatment product that aims to reduce slippery conditions in food preparation spaces.

ARMAGRIP™ offers exceptional slip resistance and performance, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional salt-based alternatives. It provides superior coverage and has a longer-lasting effect. Unlike other options, ARMAGRIP™ does not corrode steel or concrete flooring, ensuring the durability and integrity of your facility and equipment. Additionally, it is compatible with waste treatment systems, eliminating concerns about potential disruptions.

An additional advantage of ARMAGRIP™ is its natural odor neutralizing properties. It helps to maintain a fresh and pleasant environment in food preparation spaces.

ARMAGRIP™ complies with the rigorous requirements outlined in the Food Chemical Codex for sodium bicarbonate. Furthermore, it is registered with the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) under Registration Number 119818, indicating its acceptance as an approved anti-slip agent in official establishments within Category J1.

Choose Arm & Hammer™ Armagrip™ Non-corrosive Anti-slip Floor Treatment Product to enhance safety, minimize slip hazards, and meet regulatory standards in food preparation spaces. With ARMAGRIP™, you can trust that you are using a reliable and effective solution to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall incidents.

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