Bag of Sodium Bicarbonate USP No. 3 DF Fine Powdered

USP Grade 3DF

Sodium Bicarbonate with particle sizes of 30-35 microns.

Arm & Hammer™ Sodium Bicarbonate USP No. 3 (produced at our Old Fort, Ohio facility) and No. 3DF (produced at our Green River, Wyoming facility) Fine Powdered are the smallest particle size bicarbonates available directly from our manufacturing plants.

With particle sizes of 45-50 microns for No. 3, and 30-35 microns for No. 3 DF, both products possess very high surface area compared to our other standard grades. With this combination of properties these products are useful in deodorants, dental products, and air deodorizers. No. 3 DF (for “Dry Fire”) was originally developed for use in fire extinguishers.

Where small size and fast reaction are required, Arm & Hammer™ Sodium Bicarbonate No. 3 and No. 3DF are the professional’s choice.

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