Bag of Sodium Bicarbonate Pool Pack

Pool Pack

Professional-grade alkalinity adjustment in pools.

Arm & Hammer™ Pool Pack Sodium Bicarbonate is the preferred choice of professionals when it comes to adjusting alkalinity in pools. This pure sodium bicarbonate product is specifically designed to provide the necessary bicarbonate alkalinity that forms the foundation of water balance in pool maintenance.

Pool Pack offers exceptional convenience and ease of use, whether you opt for the 50-pound bag or bulk bag packaging. Its excellent flow properties ensure smooth handling, while minimizing any potential dusting during the application process.

Furthermore, Pool Pack holds certification for meeting the stringent requirements of the NSF / ANSI / CAN 60 Drinking Water Chemical – Health Effects standard. This certification guarantees the safety and effectiveness of Pool Pack for water treatment purposes, for confidence in its reliability.

Choose Arm & Hammer™ Pool Pack Sodium Bicarbonate for professional-grade alkalinity adjustment in pools, and experience the assurance of top-quality performance and adherence to safety standards.

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