Kudos Koda Potassium Bicarbonate

Introducing a Partnership That Expands Our Potassium Bicarbonate Solutions

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Kudos Blends, the world’s leading manufacturer of technically driven baking powders and leavening agents supplying the global industrial baking market. This collaboration allows us to enhance our portfolio and bring you targeted solutions that cater to a wider range of applications.

Kudos Blends, based in the UK, has developed two exceptional products – KODA™ 50 and KODA™ 100 – which we are proud to introduce to the US market. These products are revolutionizing the baking industry by offering a healthier alternative to sodium bicarbonate, addressing the growing concern of sodium reduction.

KODA™: The Chemistry Behind Baking – The Healthier Alternative

KODA™ is the go-to choice for bakers worldwide who are seeking to reduce the sodium content of their chemically leavened products without compromising on taste, texture, and appearance. By replacing sodium bicarbonate with KODA™, bakers can achieve their desired sodium reduction goals while maintaining the quality of their end products.

The particle size of both KODA™ 50 and KODA™ 100 ensures complete dissolution in dough or batter, optimizing gas release for achieving the desired volume and texture. Furthermore, KODA™ helps eliminate the metallic taste commonly associated with potassium-based ingredients.

Unlocking the Benefits of KODA™ 50 and KODA™ 100

Kudos KODA™ 50 Potassium Bicarbonate

KODA™ 50 is ideal for dough products, such as biscuits, delivering the following benefits:

  • Ensures full solubility in dough to prevent any bicarbonate ‘spotting.’
  • Enhances the overall quality and consistency of your baked goods.
Kudos KODA™ 100 Potassium Bicarbonate

On the other hand, KODA™ 100 is perfect for batter products, like cakes, and offers:

  • A perfect particle size in batter to optimize carbon dioxide release.
  • Allows you to create delightful, fluffy cakes without compromising on taste.

Maximize Sodium Reduction with KODA™

One of the significant advantages of the KODA™ products is their exceptional dissolution properties. While theoretically, 20% more potassium bicarbonate should be used to replace sodium bicarbonate, KODA™ can often be used as a 1:1 replacement due to its superior dissolution capabilities. This means you can achieve substantial sodium reduction without sacrificing the integrity of your baked goods.

Confidence in Our Potassium Bicarbonate Solutions

With our expanded partnership with Kudos Blends, we are now able to offer additional targeted solutions that address any gaps in applications and provide an even broader range of options for our valued customers.

To learn more about Kudos Blends and their innovative potassium bicarbonate solutions, visit KudosBlends.com. You can also request a sample by selecting Request a Sample to experience the benefits of KODA™ firsthand. Or, view product information for KODA™ 50 and KODA™ 100.