The trusted food grade bicarbonate brand.

ARM & HAMMER brand has long been recognized as the baking soda of choice among  professional and home bakers. For more than 160 years, our leavening products have been tailored to suit customer requirements, and to creatively meet new nutritional challenges.

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Leavening is a critical component of the baking process, contributing to the lightness and success of most baked goods. ARM & HAMMER brand bicarbonates were created to leaven cakes, cookies, crackers, muffins, biscuits, cereals, tortillas, pizza dough, pretzels, and confections.

In order to promote leavening, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate or ammonium bicarbonate formulations are incorporated to promote the release of CO2 bubbles, which cause batters and doughs to rise and expand. Deployed correctly, the right ARM & HAMMER leavening agents make critical differences in expansion, volume, cell structure, resiliency, texture, and overall appeal.

ARM & HAMMER brand bicarbonate formulations are available in multiple formulations and grades for a wide variety of uses. Our bicarbonate grades 1, 1TFF, 2, 3, 3DF, 4, 5, Tortilla Blend, Flow K potassium bicarbonate and ammonium bicarbonates offer targeted leavening qualities that are well-suited to meet most baking requirements.

Self-Rising Flour

Sodium reduction is an important topic of study within the scientific, nutritional and medical communities. ARM & HAMMER  Flow K  potassium bicarbonate may be used in place of sodium bicarbonate to leaven breads, cakes, pancakes, muffins and cookies. It can reduce sodium levels while continuing to maintain overall quality, integrity and flavor of the baked product. Low-sodium or no-sodium baking powders can also be formulated with Flow K potassium bicarbonate.

Potassium is a powerful component of a healthy lifestyle. ARM & HAMMER Flow K potassium bicarbonate is a food grade product containing a flow aid that assures excellent storage and handling properties. It can be used as a substitute for sodium bicarbonate, and may be associated with certain health claims and other benefits.

"Effervescence" is the ability to release tiny CO2 gas bubbles during the baking process. Most of our products -Grades 1, 1TFF, 2, 3, 3DF, 4, 5 sodium bicarbonate; Flow K potassium bicarbonate; and our ammonium bicarbonate blends – provide targeted levels of effervescence designed for a variety of end products. Flow K potassium bicarbonate is highly effervescent, and can also be used in drink mixes.

ARM & HAMMER food grade bicarbonate products offer uses in addition to leavening, from  aesthetic enhancements to additional applications. For example, Flow K potassium bicarbonate enhances browning and highlights the toasted and grainy flavor notes of certain recipes. It is also an effective effervescent for drink mixes, and has been observed to enhance sweetening. Another example is ammonium bicarbonate's usefulness as a processing aid, as it increases dough pH to effect browning; and later returns pH to neutral at the end of the baking process.