Quality. Purity. Trust.

Trust; It isn’t just given, it’s earned. The Arm & Hammer brand has earned the trust of generations of food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, personal care product makers, and water treatment by delivering value and purity in our products for the better part of two centuries.

We’re proud of our proven history since 1846. We’re even more excited about what we’re doing for our customers right now. Every day Church & Dwight is working to help our customers to get the most from our products. Our industry-leading Arm & Hammer sodium bicarbonate is derived from naturally sourced trona. It’s manufactured using a state-of-the-art process in a two plant system you can rely on. Each of our many grades and granulations are formulated to meet the specific needs of our customers, because we are The Bicarbonate Experts. This gets to the heart of how we see ourselves: we’re a partner. Someone you can rely on for the long haul because we know the quality of your product depends on the quality and purity of our products and our service.