ARMAGRIP™ A Non-Corrosive Anti-Slip Spot Treatment for Floors

Trips and falls are an ongoing risk for workers in the meat products industry. Floors in processing plants accumulate slippery animal residue, a simple fact of life in meat packing. Just standing at work stations or walking around the plant, workers are exposed to serious personal injury. The result, of course, is costly claims and lost productivity. But you already knew that. Treatment of floor surfaces is an essential safety practice that can help minimize this risk.

ARMAGRIP is Sodium Bicarbonate, with a specific particle size and shape, optimized to provide traction on slippery floor surfaces. ARMAGRIP meets the F.C.C. (Food Chemicals Codex) requirements for Sodium Bicarbonate, bears NSF Registration No. 119818, and is acceptable for use as an antislip agent in official establishments. (Category J1).

How does ARMAGRIP work?
The irregular shape of ARMAGRIP provides “bite” and therefore resistance to slipping. The specific particle size allows for even coverage of flooring surfaces, whether smooth or rough.

ARMAGRIP is a better answer to slippery floors than salt
What you might not know is that there is a better solution to the problem of slippery floors than simply pouring leftover salt onto them: ARMAGRIP is not only more effective than salt at reducing slipperiness, it continues to perform even after your employees work and walk on it. Salt is not a very effective anti-slip agent. Because salt is a granular material, it can produce a dangerous “ball bearing effect” which can cause workers to lose their footing while working or walking on it. By contrast, ARMAGRIP particles have an irregular shape that produces no ball bearing effect.

ARMAGRIP is a better option than salt
The use of salt as an anti-slip agent can cause other expensive problems, as well. Frequent applications leave deposits that over time can attack and destroy metal and concrete surfaces, resulting in the need for significant capital investments in new equipment and facility repairs. Unlike salt, ARMAGRIP is virtually non-corrosive to mild steels and concrete surfaces. In addition, ARMAGRIP is better for your plant’s waste treatment system. ARMAGRIP provides alkalinity and buffering to the processing plant’s wastewater to help control the pH of the waste treatment process. ARMAGRIP is also a natural deodorizer that absorbs and reduces unpleasant odors caused by contaminants clogging the drains during cleaning.

ARMAGRIP was specifically formulated for the meat processing industry. The result of extensive research and testing by Church & Dwight Co., Inc., makers of ARM & HAMMER™ brand products, ARMAGRIP is specially formulated to meet the safety, equipment and environmental challenges of your industry.

Put your plant on a low salt diet and discover all the benefits of ARMAGRIP:

  • A safer workplace for employees
  • Fewer injuries and worker absences
  • A more productive workforce
  • Less damage to equipment
  • Plus environmental benefits, too!