ARM & HAMMER™ Bicarbonates for Pharmaceuticals

Sodium Bicarbonate For Pharma:

A Perfect Fit For Any Process

The bicarbonate ion is a vital component of human physiology. Internally, it helps maintain blood pH; transports carbon dioxide from body tissue to the lungs for exhalation; and neutralizes stomach contents as they enter the intestinal tract. As a saliva component, it helps reduce the attack of orally generated acids on tooth enamel.

Church & Dwight offers several grades of ARM & HAMMER™ Sodium Bicarbonate that meet the strictest requirements of the US, British, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeial monographs. The range of available particle sizes ensures a perfect fit for any process.

ARM & HAMMER™ Sodium Bicarbonate is kosher, halal and free of GMOs, TSE/BSE materials and allergens. Certification is available on our website, Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.