Company Overview

The Performance Products Group: ARM & HAMMER and the Specialty Products Division

In 1970, Church & Dwight was divided into two product groups: The ARM & HAMMER Division and the Specialty Chemicals Division, now known as the Specialty Products Division. This separation allowed the ARM & HAMMER Division to focus on expanding consumer product offerings, while the Specialty Products Division worked on developing new industrial products.

The fortuitous split and subsequent growth led to the addition of a second plant in Old Fort, Ohio, in 1980, and positioned Church & Dwight as the largest sodium bicarbonate producer in the world.

The success of the Specialty Products Division has resulted in a vast expansion of applications and new markets for bicarbonates. For example, we have developed a major business from the benefits of sodium bicarbonate as a buffer in dairy rations – representing  the single largest use of sodium bicarbonate today. Additional new businesses are currently being spun off to focus on industrial precision blasting and aqueous cleaning.

The Performance Products Group stands at the heart of the Specialty Products Division, managing sales and marketing in eighteen major market segments. In addition to maintaining the growth of the Division's base business, the Performance Products Group  helps ensure the future of the company through continuous innovation and development of new ARM & HAMMER  brand technologies, products and services.